Capier Investments enables promising and prospective start-ups and entrepreneurs to not just live-up to their true potential, but in reality, to together outlive it!!

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About Capier Investments

While we all recognize the start-up boom in the country & worldwide, at Capier, with a collective experience of over a decade, & closely monitoring both successful & unsuccessful ventures in the market, we distinctly understand that there is an evident gap & need of a genuine trustworthy financial infrastructure to support the resonance of highly potential start-ups in the world.

Angel Investments & Beyond.

For those who have grown along with the start-up boom since 2005, we, at Capier have been fortunate to being part of the grinding process of our own start-ups. And clearly, that’s formed our investment beliefs and values at Capier – which allows us to deliver beyond angel investing. While categorically, we are an angel investment firm, our scope of support & approach to the finance and capital market stands unique to every ‘pie’ counted.

  • We don’t just interview potential clients; we connect & live their dream.

  • We don’t just fund start-ups; we run along, and even after, the finish line.

  • We don’t just see the numbers; we collectively envision definite results.

  • We don’t just do angel investments; we live our passion to truly, outlive ‘potential’!

Capier is a combination of words created using the french words Capi & Boursiere - used together to refer market capital, & suggests a pronunciation of genuine investors. The word ‘pie’ forms the core at Capier, where we acknowledge the essence of our role is to play our part, as being part of the whole and that teamwork is the only way to outlive: potential.

Core Services offered by Capier Investments

While each day we live our passion of giving life to some of the most dynamic game-changing ideas and concepts, we also create a trustworthy and reliable financial infrastructure for potential and growing businesses. Through our range of services, we help create the ‘whole’ with our ‘pie’.

Financial Advisory

With a sharp acumen of finance and business, the team at Capier provides advisory services covering subjects of capital investment, fund raising, capital restructuring, M&A transactions and on any matter of financial importance.

Wealth Management

From a thorough financial plan to creating & managing investment portfolios, at Capier, be assured for a sound and secure way of managing wealth. Customized equity portfolios, private equity opportunities, broking solutions for both personal and institutional needs and research reports in areas of interest – are some of the services offered.

Structured Debt

We help established small & medium size enterprises/businesses who have consistent cash flows, raise short term loans for their working capital requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The very foundation of connecting with a company or an individual is trust. And to build trust, the first step is to clear doubts. And here, we put together a set of those basic questions that arise to those who are seeking funds.

An angel investor is a company that invests directly into promising entrepreneurial businesses & start-ups in return for stock / share in those companies. All angel investors have their reasons to support an upcoming business, however, at Capier, the team stands just for one reason – the reason of collective growth by outliving the true potential of both the business and the investors.
Angel investors look for innovative and passionate start-ups that dream, reflect & possess the potential to definite growth, while also creating jobs along the way. At Capier, we are no different in our objective. Yet, at the same time, we look at outliving the potential together while creating opportunities for many more.
The following questions when answered, makes the investor even consider a project or business worthy of investment: What does the company do? What is unique about the company? What big problem does it solve? How big is the market opportunity? Who are your competitors? How do you plan to take on market and financial risks? What is your marketing strategy? Have you worked on your financial plan? What are the legal and regulatory challenges you foresee? Do you have an exit plan?
While investors definitely look at both the idea and the people behind the idea, the following questions would help answer their investment proposal more clearly: Who are the founders and key team members of your team? What relevant domain experience does the team have? What key additions to the team are needed in the short term? Is the team uniquely capable to execute the company’s business plan? How many employees do you have? What really drives the founders? How do you plan to scale the team in the next 12 months?
Form a team that’ll live your dream – Write a detailed business plan – Do a thorough research on the investors you are approaching – And then finally approach one! Your homework about your field of business, about yourself and your team, and a research about the investing company, is the key to any effective pitch. Ensure you structure your pitch, with a clear flow of details and their connecting features. The rest as we say at Capier: back it with your belief.
A business plan is a document that describes how you are going to steer your business. There is no such thing as a definite framework or a guideline to creating a business plan. Depending on the type of business, the innovation and strategies, one can create an outline of how one plan to go about with their business keeping in mind a certain period of active work. The internet is full of templates that can help in creating a business plan, but picking up points that help you express your business / idea well is the one that is possibly a combination of many, that you can pitch with us at Capier.
When you have your business plan in place along with the team that’s going to work on the same, then thereafter, just a basic homework of what kind of funding is needed, shall help you time your approach for money. There is no definite time-frame to approach an investor; the only prerequisite is to ensure you know why, how, and how much you need the funding besides any other non-financial support from the investor.
One of the basic checks that you as an entrepreneur should do is to do a thorough research on the angel investors you approach. In general, you can be rest assured of the confidentiality of your project / idea when approaching established angel investors. Remember, trust is mutual and the only way to begin a relationship.
It’s never the end of the road. Ensure after your pitch, you take a detailed feedback from the investors on what made them decline the business proposal, to ensure that the next time you pitch with them or any other investor, you have those points covered. Besides, each investor perceives a proposed plan / business differently and hence, if one declines, another could be waiting for a plan just like yours!
Capier Investments offers a range of services to its clients – from basic funding to acting as a financial advisor to them. The range of services to support and create the financial infrastructure of a company is what drives us every day at Capier. Please see our services link for more details.
Though the standard form of funding is what we do, at Capier we are open to supporting unique and different type of funding requirements. Please get in touch with our team and we can surely look at having customized funding plan for you.


As an investor or as an entrepreneur, if you are looking to connect with a team that believes in genuine investment values & lives by the passion to outlive the word ‘potential’, then look no further.

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